How To Get Started In The Dance For Exercise

Wear Comfortable Clothes, so you feel free of movement instead of limited. If you choose ballet or tap dancing, you will need more specific attire. Also, avoid wearing jewelry that may catch on clothes or scratch your skin. The teacher will guide you through the basics regarding posture, grip, rhythm, technique, style, and footwork to […]

The Couple’s Dance And Its Benefits

Come And Discover Our Classroom Dance Classes In Valencia. Dance With Couples In A Coordinated Way And Following The Rhythm Of The Music. The Ballroom Dance is a pleasant hobby, challenging for some, but above all very healthy and highly recommended for all. Ballroom dancing can be a perfect gymnastic tool that helps us develop […]

Tango, From The Ballroom To The Therapy Room

Tango has moved from dance halls to therapy rooms for diseases such as Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s in recent years, while scientific studies have shown that “two by four” benefits health, according to several Argentine experts. Beyond the feeling of well-being caused by dancing the tango -according to those who frequent the milongas-, it is shown […]