How To Get Started In The Dance For Exercise

Wear Comfortable Clothes, so you feel free of movement instead of limited. If you choose ballet or tap dancing, you will need more specific attire. Also, avoid wearing jewelry that may catch on clothes or scratch your skin.

The teacher will guide you through the basics regarding posture, grip, rhythm, technique, style, and footwork to provide you with an excellent foundation with which to advance. Afterward, you and your partner will have

to imitate the movements.Ask about the type of floor in which the classes are going to be given since the level of the stage usually offers more exceptional comfort and reduces the impact on the body.

environment in which the teacher allows you to be yourself, while still setting goals and telling you if you have done something wrong. Then you will be ready!
Knowing who is leading and who will follow will eventually come because, even if you have never danced before, you will find a beginner class for you.

What kind of dance should I choose?

Ballroom dancing is an excellent start to feel the benefits of dancing. Includes classic styles such as waltz, tango, quickstep, and foxtrot, which you may have seen and liked.

A similar alternative is the Latin ballroom dance, with a somewhat faster rhythm and hip movements that add to the classic moves. As part of the Latin ballroom dances, you will learn fabulous dances like the cachucha, the jive, the samba or the rumba. Although the advantage of starting with any style of ballroom dancing is that it gives you an excellent overview of classical dance and an idea of the types of style that you may like. Also, if you are invited to dance at a party or event, you can show off how well you do it!

As an alternative, you can immerse yourself in Latin American rhythms with salsa. This form of world dance has become very popular, with movements such as the classic lateral step, the right and left turn and the walk, which we find on many dance floors. The grace and energy of this style blend Afro-Caribbean and Latin styles.

There is also tango, although make sure you choose the right one. You can select the refined lounge variety or the more physical Argentine style, the country from which the tango initially originated.

You do not have to choose the classic variant. Contemporary dance tends to be freer, which allows you to do what you are capable of doing to the rhythm of the music.

Dance is a hobby that always unites those who practice it, “a universal language that crosses any frontier. If the dance becomes a hobby, it can absorb our attention, to motivate us, to make us passionate, even to give more meaning to our life.

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