The Couple’s Dance And Its Benefits

Come And Discover Our Classroom Dance Classes In Valencia. Dance With Couples In A Coordinated Way And Following The Rhythm Of The Music.

The Ballroom Dance is a pleasant hobby, challenging for some, but above all very healthy and highly recommended for all. Ballroom dancing can be a perfect gymnastic tool that helps us develop our psychomotor qualities, improve physical endurance and tone our muscle muscles; But also, it is a playful activity that allows us to interact with other people quickly and only by helping us to improve self-esteem, overcome shyness, develop discipline and self-control, and stimulate creativity.

Because of the many benefits that classroom dance classes provide, more and more people are becoming integrated into this world. Some people think that ballroom dancing is for older people, but more and more young people are joining these disciplines.

The couple’s dance and its benefits

Concentrating on the physical aspect:

Rigorous studies have determined that one of the complete exercises we can perform is to dance.

Not only do we fine-tune the muscles of the whole body, performing at the same time an excellent cardio-respiratory exercise, but we also work on reflexes, agility, coordination, and flexibility.

There are differences between the different dances: The muscles and the heart do not exercise the same who dances a rock or a salsa, who, for example, dances the Argentine tango or a pasodoble. We can all find dances that adapt to our age and physical condition.

However, dancing is not a simple physical exercise.

In the plane of the mind:

It should be noted that its practice eliminates stress and fosters self-confidence while producing joy, vitality and desire to enjoy life. It also helps to express emotions and feelings through the body.

It is perhaps the complete form of non-verbal communication since it allows you to feel the pleasure of man-woman harmony and shared creation.

We cannot consider these aspects were forgetting the social dimension.

The ballroom and Latin dances also called “social dances,” are an excellent diversion that we can share, not only with our partner if we have it, but also with friends and loved ones. We are doing a leisure activity in a company, which helps us to conserve and promote our friendships and to meet new people.

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